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Everyone knows that Sergio Parisse is something of a legend in Italian rugby, with the 28-year-old captaining his country more times than any other player. However, with Parisse currently nursing an injury, he is at risk of losing his record to teammate Marco Bortolami.

As it stands, Parisse has captained his side no less than forty times. It was back in 2008 when he took control of the captaincy on a permanent basis, after Marco Bortolami had been the regular skipper for the national team. However, with Parisse now out on the sidelines, Bortolami has the chance to overtake the Stade Francais flanker. As it stands, he has thirty eight caps to his name – meaning that it will take just two more before he is level with Argentina-born Parisse.

While Parisse is undoubtedly Italy’s best player, he may be slightly concerned about regaining his armband. Bortolami originally lost the captaincy as he was not getting enough game time, after being hit by World Cup commitments and injuries. However, he is now playing regularly for both club and country and should the Azurri perform well in Parisse’s absence, they will have a tricky decision on their hands.

Something else that works against Parisse is the win ratio. In the forty games he has captained Italy, the country have a bleak win ratio of just 20%. However, under Bortolami it is significantly better, with the Azurri winning 38% of fixtures. Should the nation perform well in the next couple of games, they may decide to allow Bortolami to keep the captaincy and allow Parisse to concentrate on his own game. This would undoubtedly be a massive blow to Parisse, who has made no secret of his pride in representing and captaining his country.

Did you know?

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It has been highlighted on other areas of this fan site that Serio Parisse does not receive as much coverage as many other of the top players in the world. Bearing this in mind, some people may be interested to learn more about the world’s best player. So, did you know...

1) Sergio Parisse was born on 12 September 1983.
2) Parisse was actually born in Argentina and spent a large part of his childhood there. However, his family always spoke Italian in the household and Italy was always the country that Parisse favoured.
3) He is married to a former Miss France and Miss Europe model, called Alexandra Rosenfield.
4) He became the first Italian to ever be nominated for the IRB International Player of the Year award.
5) Parisse is renowned as being highly interested in skiing. However, it’s understood that he does not partake in the sport as regularly as he used to, after teammate Sylvain Marconnet suffered a nasty injury while doing it in 2007.
6) Parisse made his Italy debut at just 18-years-old, while he was given the captaincy only six years later.
7) His first try for Italy would come in the 2003 World Cup, against Canada.
8) The Parisse family is certainly known for his rugby ability, with Sergio’s father also a famous player. Also called Sergio, he represented L’Aquila in the French league.
9) While Parisse is known to be one of the larger players in rugby union, few people know that he stands at a huge 6’5”.
Ask any person in Italy who the best rugby union player in the world is and you’re highly likely to receive “Sergio Parisse” in response. The 29-year-old is viewed as a sensation in his home country, where he has racked up a huge number of caps despite being relatively young. Furthermore, some other nations have described Italy as a one man team, with Parisse seemingly carrying the country on several occasions.

But, just what makes Sergio such a good player? Well, the list could be endless, but his ability to run and create opportunities is simply second to none. His ball handling qualities are terrific, while when these are combined with his power and speed, the end result is simply unplayable. The following Youtube clips highlight some of Parisse’s main abilities and show why he is such a popular player.

As you can see, his talent is simply fantastic. A lot of people believe that Parisse is at his best when he plays for Italy – rather than domestic club Stade Francais. That may be the case, but the fact that many teams across Europe are interested in Parisse highlight that he is certainly not an inconsistent player. In fact, the most likely reason for his Italy triumphs is the fact he is captain and feels more responsibility when representing the Azurri.

In comparison to many other European players, there is less coverage on Parisse. This is probably due to the fact he plays in France. Bearing this in mind, does anyone have any other exciting clips on the world’s greatest player?

Parisse viewed as best in the world

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Italians view Sergio Parisse as the best player in the world, but it appears as though other regions also view the flanker as one of the best rugby union players in the game. Prior to Italy’s game against England in February, a whole campaign was run on the threat of Parisse and just how England have to be wary of him. It was reiterated that while Italy may be a poor nation statistically, there is no doubt that they have a hugely talented player in Parisse who can win a game on his own on his day.

In fact, one article said that the Italians are a “one man team” – with Sergio being the centre of this quote. It went on to describe all of Parisse’s qualities, with ball carrying, handling, pace and footwork being just several of the characteristics discussed.

Parisse will perhaps view a quote from one of his domestic teammates as the biggest compliment, though. His colleague at Stade Francais, Tom Palmer, said, He’s a very good athlete, very powerful and combines that with being very skillful. He has a high work-rate, so he has everything you need to be a top player.”

The authorities have also picked up on Parisse’s ability. He received another huge compliment by being nominated for IRB’s Player of the Year award. He was the first Italian to succeed with this, which again speaks volumes about his quality.

Fortunately, there is still plenty of time to go in Parisse’s career. He is already regarded as one of the finest Italians to don the national shirt and at just 28-years-old, you have to expect more success in the future.

Career History

sergio parisse
Contrary to popular belief, Sergio Parisse was actually born in Argentina. However, he was brought up in an exceptionally Italian way, with his family speaking the language in their home as well as venturing out to Italy on holiday numerous times every year. For this reason, it came as no surprise when Sergio moved to Italy in 2003, where he started playing for Treviso.

It would be fair to say that Parisse’s time at Treviso was hugely successful, with the La Plater born flanker establishing himself as one of the best players in Italian rugby. His form at Treviso caught the attention of Stade Francais, who signed him in 2005 and have kept him to this day.

Parisse is viewed as one of Italy’s most successful international players. By the age of 24, Parisse had already accumulated fifty caps for his country. Moreover, this certainly isn’t going to stop, with Parisse the current captain of Italy’s national team. It is worth mentioning that many Argentinian players have been criticized from switching their allegiance to Italy over the years, yet this is not the case with Parisse who has always been regarded as a player with Italian blood due to his family traditions.

Many people have classed Parisse as one of the best players in the game. There have been countless occasions when the Number 8 has been linked with more lucrative moves across Europe. However, he has stayed loyal to Stade Francais, where he is undoubtedly something of a hero.

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